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Fully Furnished

Hudson Dorms locations are specifically designed with students in mind. That’s right! Our interior designer focuses on making your living space comfortable for studying, hanging out, and relaxing while maximizing each bedrooms’ functionality. Attractive living rooms and convenient bedrooms. Here is a detailed list of the provided furniture. CLICK

Routine Cleaning

Free cleanings! Right when the semester gets busy, you have the option to receive a mid-semester cleaning, so you have a clean space to study and relax. Also, whether you stay for the holiday break or head home we provide a complimentary cleaning so you will come back to a clean space to start the semester!

Equipped Kitchen

Fully equipped! Your kitchen comes stocked with pots, pans, plates, bowls, mugs, cups, utensils, cutting board, and more. Check out our apartment checklist for a detailed list. CLICK

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Student Loans & Payment Plans

You have the power! Or at least the option to pay through your financial aid. We also offer convenient payment plans too. 

Covered Utilities

Imagine worrying about this? No need to set up a PSE&G account or ask your roommates to split the utilities cost. We take care of it all for you! Your apartment includes heat & gas, electric, hot & cold water, and 1 GB Internet. Enjoy your extra time!

Maintenace Team

Dennis the Menace! If you need help, Dennis has your back. Connect with us on Slack to inform us of any concerts that may arise. We’re committed to addressing them fast!

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Individual Financial Responsibility

You are not attached to your roommates financial responsibilities. Hakuna Matata!

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Roommate Matching

We connect individuals or group less than 4 with compatible roommate(s). Our hands-on matchmaking process seeks to illustrate your ideal living environment and then introduce you to like-minded students on Zoom. This helps create a comfortable living environment. 

Find out more - click!


Do you have too many friends? Must be rough picking who to live with. Not anymore! Our PODs program allows you to request apartments next to each other so you can be one big group of 8, 12, or more! This option is great for students on sports teams, Greek life, or large groups of friends! Stay connected, my friends!

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Academic Year Leases

Why pay for space over the summer you don’t need? We offer academic year leases where you move in ~10 days before classes start and move out after the last final exams. Exactly what you need. Of course, you are welcome to stay over winter break!

monthly events.png
Monthly Events

Throughout the year you can make friends, memories, and meet the Hudson Dorms team at our events. In previous years we have held events like; Welcome Back, Fall Fest, Casino Night, Comedy Night, Super Smash Bro’s tourney, Meet the Neighbors… 

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Neighborhood Connect

You will be introduced to other Hudson Dorms students who share similar interests, hobbies and more. Our program is designed to connect like-minded individuals together to play games, hangout, study and more!

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No Broker Fee & Security Deposit

You hear about those elsewhere but we don’t do that here. Paying money to have the right to pay rent just doesn’t make sense....

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Co-op & Study Abroad Flexibility

We provide the option for a non-continuous two semester lease! You can move-in for the Fall semester and have the option to opt out of the Spring semester by December 1st. To take advantage of this convenient housing program you must notify the team. Then, once approved, you will sign a lease addendum with a $950 deposit. The deposit will be applied to the installment fee for the next semester you live with us. (whether it is the spring or fall of the following year) Click to Find Out More

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Customer Service

Things happen. Whether you lose your keys, have a roommate dispute or want help scheduling classes, we are committed to supporting you. Let us know and we will determine the best way to help!

Despite our name, Hudson "Dorms", we are not legally a dorm. We are apartment style living in an urban environment. Our goal is to provide the best of both worlds! We offer the independence of off campus apartment living, while providing many convenient services.

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