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Our convenient housing options

With locations all throughout Hoboken, you can find a space that is best for you!

No two apartments are completely alike; our interior designer creates truly unique spaces to make you feel right at home. Each location offers different conveniences, below you can see the breakdown for our tier options.

Hover Over Each Building to Learn the Location or Check Out Our Apartment Gallery HERE!
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414 Grand

4th & Grand

Classic Tier

Hudson Dorms

4th & Jefferson

Classic Tier

Hudson Dorms; Hoboken Student; Stevens Housing

8th & Jefferson


Hudson Dorms

7th & Jefferson

Classic Tier

Hudson Dorms; Hoboken Student; Stevens Housing; student apartment

7th & Jackson



5th & Washington 

Washington Tier

Hudson Dorms

6th & Adams



8th & Washington 

Washington Tier


6th & Jackson



12th & Washington

Washington Tier


11th & Hudson 

Washington Tier


3rd & Garden

Washington Tier


7th & Park

Washington Tier

These are our main locations! Hudson Dorms has even more spaces throughout Hoboken. 

Classic Tier


Per Student / Per Semester

Classic Tier locations feature larger living spaces and a wider span of apartment options. Some buildings offer amenities like gyms and outdoor space. There is shared laundry in all of these locations.

Click Through Our Apartment Galleries!

Washington Tier


Per Student / Per Semester

The defining feature of our Washington Tier is proximity to campus! These locations are closer to Stevens and located on the east side of Hoboken between Hudson Street and Park Avenue. There is shared laundry in all of these locations.

We cannot guarantee Washington Tier to those that sign up after February 2nd

Luxury Tier


Per Student / Per Semester

Our luxury locations have higher end fixtures and finishes and are in modern elevator buildings. These buildings feature additional amenities like gyms, outdoor space, in-unit laundry, and secure package delivery.

Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 Price Guide

We have started our Waitlist for new F'24 & S'25 sign-ups, click the button below to learn more about our waitlist program!

The majority of our apartments have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and are for 4 students! Our Classic Tier locations do feature some spaces that can house groups of 5 or 6!

PODS. Pods are for groups of 8 or more students that would like to live close to another group of students. We'll place your groups in apartments close together within the same building! We think it is essential for students who see each other regularly to live within reach of their peers! This brings your friends closer together, eliminating the need to travel across Hoboken. Pods are viewed as a "slightly larger family" from Hudson Dorms' perspective for all intents and purposes!

ROOMMATES. Are you looking for a group? We have a matchmaking process to connect students looking for a group to live with. Our hands-on approach to matchmaking brings like-minded students together and creates a constructive living environment.

Hudson Dorms is not affiliated with any universities. We work to provide housing to all students! 
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