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Who We Are.

Built by Students for Students

Our Core Mission

Our mission is to make housing as optimal as it should be.

Why We Started. Hudson Dorms was started by Stevens’ graduates, who experienced living in all of the housing options available to them in their college years. When they decided to move off-campus, they recognized that the housing options did not meet their needs. As a result, they took the best aspect of each housing option they lived in and created a new opportunity for students looking to move off-campus. The goal is to make living off campus as positive of an experience as possible.

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Meet The Team

Hudson Dorms Founder Mike Guglielmo

Michael Guglielmo

Hudson Dorms Founder

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Mike graduated from Stevens with a Bachelor’s in Engineering Management and a Master’s in Systems Engineering. At Hudson Dorms, he handles finance, logistics, internal forecasting, and strategy. Mike spends time with existing students to find ways to improve service, optimize maintenance, and ensure each student has an incredible experience. He also loves to give tips to students any chance he can get to help them with their academic schedules, resumes, job placement, or their starting line-up for fantasy football! In addition, Mike has experience in the leasing industry as a data scientist.
Mike earned the name “Mr. Spreadsheet” for his astounding excel knowledge and forecasting capabilities. Mike built Hudson Dorms’ internal software for inventory management and financials. At Stevens, Mike was the president of the Stevens Ultimate Frisbee team and competed in mid to long-distance events for the Varsity Track team. Mike was a professional fantasy football consultant in 2018 and brought all his clients to the playoffs. When not at his desk, Mike can be seen skateboarding throughout Hoboken!

Dennis graduated from Stevens with a Bachelor's in Business and Technology. He took an interest in fixing things from a very early age, never passing up the opportunity to help with a repair. This came in handy in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy when he spent his time off from high school assisting with post-flood renovations on homes all over his Long Island hometown. He used this disaster as an opportunity to learn considerable skills in general carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and finish carpentry.

When he isn't fixing things for others, Dennis enjoys working on his own projects (usually revolving around woodworking and boating), as well as fishing and cooking.

"Don't quote me on this."

-Dennis McCarthy, anonymously

Hudson Dorms Maintenance Dennis McCarthy

Dennis McCarthy

Maintenance Extraordinaire

Hudson Dorms Chief Designer Emily Kent

Emily Kent

Emily graduated from the New York School of Interior Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Emily is the Chief Designer at Hudson Dorms. She creates stylish, functional, and comfortable living spaces for all our students, as well as digital marketing and event planning. Emily has known Mike for several years and has been well acquainted with life at Stevens while living in Hoboken.
Previously, she has worked at high end residential firms in NYC, including Robert Stilin LLC, and is well-versed in apartment design for urban areas. She loves creating an impact on people's day to day lives and has been passionate about art and design from an early age~ especially interior design! In her free time, Emily enjoys hiking, nature, running, and playing with puppies!

Chief Designer

Matt graduated from the State University of New York at Geneseo with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. At Hudson Dorms, Matt handles corporate contract management, accounting, and tenant compliance. He is a Financial Services professional with years of experience working in the industry. He is sociable, down-to-earth, and cares a ton about our students!
Matt understands the struggle of finding housing in an urban area; his move from upstate New York to Hoboken, even as a working professional, shed light on the difficult process of finding an apartment. Matt is a video game dabbler, exercise enthusiast, and an avid heartbroken sports fan rooting for the Jets, the Mets, and the Knicks in his free time.

Hudson Dorms Director of Operations Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker

Director of Operations & Compliance


Ashley Prior

With a background in social media marketing and event planning, Ashley is excited to bring a Generation Z perspective to the Hudson Dorms team. Ashley is a native of New Jersey and is excited to explore what Hoboken has to offer. She earned a BS in Communication from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Prior to her time at Hudson Dorms, she gained experience through internships with TheSalonGuy, a well-known Youtube influencer, Celularity, a Biomedical company, and Rutgers University Economic Development Group. She focused on increasing organic engagement, content, and sales across various platforms. 
Ashley enjoys being behind the camera and capturing memories of the team, and students. Her goal is to share the company's story. When she is not following around the Hudson Dorms team, she can be seen walking her dog, going on hikes, or spends quality time with friends and family. 

Community Manager

We wouldn't be able to do it without our cleaning team and summer interns!

Hudson Dorms Team Celebrating 3 Years
Hudson Dorms Team Celebrating 3 Years
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We are committed to providing a convenient housing option for students. You will be getting your time back and gaining a community you can rely on!

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